Entrepreneur: These Tech Startups Are Changing the Real Estate Industry

Brands like Unisource, Honest Buildings and Matterport have the potential to reshape the way that people buy and sell homes.

The role that technology plays in society is continuing to get bigger, and the real estate industry is no exception. While real estate transactions are historically based on personal relationships, emerging brands are starting to streamline processes without agents. Entrepreneur rounded up three of those startup companies that have the potential to change the real estate industry.


Mortgage lenders are trying to close loans at a faster pace than they ever have before, which means they’re relying on automation to expedite the process. One company that’s aiming to enhance the title and escrow process is Unisource.

Michael Cohan, CEO of Unisource National Lender Services, told Entrepreneur, “By combining technologies to automate processes and maintain stringent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regulations, we create a seamless lending process that is easy for lenders while also adhering to constantly evolving compliance updates.”

Honest Buildings:

Honest Buildings is out on a mission to transform commercial real estate projects. The platform, which is data-driven and designed to be a project management and procurement platform, is built to help real estate owners, managers and operators stay in the loop throughout the construction of a real estate project.


Virtual reality programs are proving to have their place in the real estate industry. Matterport, for example, has a 3D camera that allows real estate agents and brokers to scan a bedroom in under 45 minutes, which makes virtual home tours and open houses a reality.

“We’ve started to see people buying homes without ever visiting them, which is kind of amazing,” said Matt Bell, Matterport founder, to Entrepreneur.

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