How to Get a Jumpstart On Your Spring Cleaning

This winter, make the most out of your cabin fever by efficiently tackling your spring cleaning.

The moment the first sign of spring hits, most homeowners fling open their windows to let in the sunshine and fresh air. But there’s another gut instinct that comes with the warmer air—the urge to deep clean your home.

But purging, organizing and deep cleaning a home doesn’t come easily for everyone. In fact, for most, it can be a downright overwhelming and daunting task. If you’re in need of a little extra push to jumpstart your spring cleaning this season, we spoke with the experts at Neat Method to get their top tips for getting the clean home of your dreams—without the headache.

Start by Creating a List: The first—and most important—step is figuring out what it is you want to accomplish. Take a morning to walk around your entire house and tour each room. Which areas give you anxiety when you walk into them? What areas make you feel claustrophobic? After you make a list, prioritize the spaces by numbering them based on what you need to clean out first.

Put a Time On Your Calendar to Clean: People say Rome wasn’t built in a day for a reason. Spring cleaning takes time. It’s important to allow a few weeks to get your cleaning done, so it’s best to set aside a few hours every weekend to tackle each room. Try putting three times on your calendar that are dedicated to spring cleaning—and stick to them. Organization begets organization.

Clean One Room at a Time: Don’t bite off more than you can chew. To avoid getting overwhelmed, choose to work on one space that you can easily tackle in a couple of hours. Then, crank up the music and get to work. Maybe that’s the bathroom countertops or the drawers. Maybe it’s the junk drawer in your kitchen. Or maybe it’s organizing your garage. Whatever it may be, pick one task and do it really well before moving on to the next.

Replace the Word “Cleaning” with “Redecorating:” Let’s face it. It’s way more fun to redecorate than clean. Instead of stressing about dusting and deep-cleaning carpet, think about how much fun it’ll be to give your living space a total makeover. By moving furniture (and getting rid of the dust that accumulated under that couch) you might be able to establish a more comfortable way of living your life. Who knew that moving the TV over to the right side of your living room would give you a whole new reason to invite your friends over for a movie marathon?

Remember That Less is More: Letting go of the guilt of that can come with getting rid of things is important if you want to truly make a change in your home. Look through your kitchen cabinets—do you really need those 12 margarita glasses when you don’t even drink margaritas? Let them go. Do you have stacks of magazines overflowing in a basket? Pass them along to friends or recycle them. If you haven’t touched certain items in your home for months, chances are you never will.

Realize That Your Mood Will Improve With Clean Surroundings: If you wake up to find the pizza box from last night still hanging out by the couch, you likely won’t start your day sporting a joyful glow. After a good housecleaning, you feel accomplished and ready to take on anything. You might be more willing to invite friends for a dinner part over, or—now that you have the space—get started on a new DIY project. The sooner you take care of business, the sooner that the weight on your shoulders will disappear. A clean home leads to a happy you.