Why One Chicago Realtor Says You Won’t Sell Your Home Without an Agent

Matt Laricy tells ESTATENVY why it is more important than ever to have a professional help you sell.

The airwaves these days are packed with popular programs centered on buying and selling homes. Shows such as “Property Brothers,” “House Hunters” and “Love It or List It” might give some watching at home the feeling that they are now home-selling experts by osmosis. But one realtor says that by setting out to sell without an agent, you are just setting yourself up to fail.

Matt Laricy, Managing Partner of Americorp Real Estate and The Matt Laricy Group in Chicago, is a third-generation realtor who has seen a thing or two when it comes to selling property in Chi-town. And while he rejects the notion that the popularity of HGTV is to blame for more homeowners trying to sell on their own, Laricy does not seem overly concerned that savvy amateur-realtors will ever make him obsolete.

“I think most people who try to sell on their own do it because they see a friend or a neighbor put their house up for sale, and when it sells quickly they think ‘what a waste of money it was to pay a realtor, I can do that’,” said Laricy.

But according to Laricy, somewhere north of 90 percent of those that attempt to proceed without an agent end up scrambling to find one when things start going awry. And things will go awry- parts of the selling process that most everyday people do not even think about.

“If anyone knew what went on behind the scenes of the home-selling process, they’d have a heart attack,” said Laricy.

So, why is it that selling a home is so much more challenging than most people assume? According to Laricy, it is a mix of factors that ultimately boils down to one thing: they just do not understand that there is an entire process behind selling a house.

“Pricing, the overwhelming volume of activity, and a real lack of inventory,” said Laricy. “There is just too much information out there; nobody knows what to do with it all. That’s why the people that first try to sell on their own usually become our best clients.”

When asked if the new spate of attempted amateur real estate agents is concerning to him and his group, Laricy shrugged it off with a laugh.

“People have been saying forever that we are going to get rid of realtors,” he said. “The reality is that we are becoming even more valuable.”

Matt Laricy concedes that if you take the time to really educate yourself on the market, the available inventory, comparable pricing, and everything else that goes into selling a home, it is not an impossible task.

But with a 9-5 job outside of real estate, is it really possible to do that necessary research the right way? He says it is doubtful, and at the end of the day you should stick to what you know.

Said Laricy, “If you are great at your job, you focus on your job. There are tools out there that can help you know what’s going on, technology and online virtual reality. I am huge on virtual reality, but it will never eliminate what we do.”