Forbes: How to Participate in Financial Spring Cleaning

There are a few steps that prospective homebuyers can take to eliminate some stress from the buying process.

Everyone’s familiar with the idea of spring cleaning. But that process doesn’t have to be limited to cleaning out closets and reorganizing homes—spring cleaning can also be financial.

According to Forbes, there are a few steps that prospective homebuyers can take to take some stress out of the potentially challenging process. For starters, they can start saving for a down payment. Most private lenders require a 20 percent down payment in order to secure a mortgage, which means that homebuyers will need $45,000 in order to purchase a typical home sold in the U.S. today. Homebuyers should also check their credit score between six and 12 months in advance of signing a contract to determine whether or not they’ll qualify for a mortgage as well as the rates that they’ll pay.

Financial spring cleaning can also involve knocking some things off your to-do list when it comes to finding the right home for you and your family before ever seeing a listing in person. From searching out listings you love in advance online and making a wish list of must-have amenities to ensuring that you have the necessary materials for an offer down the line, there are a lot of tasks that can be accomplished before the height of the spring selling season.

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