Transparency in Construction: Evolution of the Industry and Changing Perceptions

Adam McCaa, chief communications officer for Alair, shares ways that the construction industry has adapted to advancements in technology to better serve homeowners.

We live in a world where customization is key. People want everything from their clothes to their car to be specially created for them to stand out in a crowd.

And thanks to technology, it is now easier than ever for people to get what they want, and get it custom made to fit their preference. And in the construction industry, this requires contractors to be transparent in their projects to keep clients happy.

One brand that has capitalized on transparency and mastered the ability to give power back to the people it serves is Canadian-based Alair.

Founded in 2007, Alair uses software created by its team called Client Control™, in which the brand is able to share every aspect of projects with customers, keeping them informed throughout the entire building process.

“We build trust through understanding our clients’ and prospective clients’ true needs, desires, gaps and challenges,” said Alair’s chief communications officer Adam McCaa. “We’re also able to build trust through education. Since most people have not built 1,000 renovations themselves, we can education people about what is important to consider before launching a project.”

Some of the biggest educational opportunities come from misperceptions that potential clients have about the construction process.

“Many people think that construction projects don’t have hiccups and that the process goes just like what is seen on TV,” McCaa said. “No matter who is doing your construction work and how much due diligence is done on paper, it is never going to go exactly as planned, which is why transparency about the process is so important.”

McCaa also emphasized the importance of understanding the difference between a price quote provided before a construction project begins and the final cost when a project is completed. Regardless of if the project is a renovation or a full custom home, McCaa said trying to create a quote that is 100 percent accurate before everything from tile color to knob finish is selected is nearly impossible. Alair focuses on the design and engineering phase in which all estimates are finalized upfront before moving into construction in order to achieve realistic cost and timeline for clients.

“I think everyone everywhere is really busy and people want to be able to get the information they want and get it quickly,” McCaa said. “Technology and our Client Control™ software specifically, provides the comfort of knowing that a project is on time and on budget and creates an element of convenience that is very important to people.”