Forbes: The Top Cities for Millennials to Live Around the World

U.S. cities didn’t make it into the top 25.

When it comes to the next—and largest—generation of homeowners across the globe, they’re looking to put down their roots in cities. Millennials are shying away from suburban neighborhoods in order to live in major metropolitan areas that offer a high quality of life in addition to an affordable cost of living.

In order to determine the best cities for millennials to live in, the apartment-searching website Nestpick recently issued a comprehensive list of the top 100 options for the next generation. The “Millennials Cities Ranking”—which is cited by Forbes—is based on 16 factors, including employment offerings, the startup culture, cost of living, gender equality, internet speed and access to things like healthcare and public transportation.

Amsterdam, Netherlands took the top spot overall, followed by Berlin, German; Munich, Germany; Lisbon, Portugal and Antwerp, Belgium. No U.S. cities were able to crack the top 25—in fact, the first American city to pop up on the list is Austin, Texas with its 41st ranking overall. San Francisco, California followed as one of the best cities for millennials to live in the U.S., in addition to Denver, Colorado; Portland Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

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