Curbed: Why Philadelphia is the Top City for Millennials Right Now

Young adults in the city are more likely to own homes, make more money and have more jobs than their older peers.

Millennials looking for a place to live might want to consider moving to Philadelphia.

A new report from Tulia says that it’s the best place in the U.S. to be a young adult right now. According to Curbed, the study took a unique approach to determining the best cities for millennials—it researched the largest 100 metros in the country and compared how 28 to 32-year-old workers were doing compared to older workers. It found that millennials in Philadelphia are more likely to be homeowners, make more money and have more jobs than people between the ages of 33 and 55. The report also notes that millennials are 43 percent more likely to have college degrees in Philadelphia than their older peers.

Housing economics researcher Felipe Chacón wrote in the report, “This may help explain why they earned 78.8 cents for every dollar earned by those 33 to 55, which is a higher amount than in any of the largest metros.”

After Philadelphia, the study found that Grand Rapids, Michigan; Omaha, Nebraska; New Orleans, Louisiana and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma rounded out the top five cities for millennials in the U.S.

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