Innovation in the Garden and Landscape Industries

From the increasingly popular outdoor living trend to the utilization of technology, these are the innovations that are poised to change the game for the gardening and landscaping industries going forward.

When it comes to gardening and landscaping, the industries have historically been slow to adapt the latest consumer trends. In fact, there are still aspects of the segments that are antiquated—there are contractors and suppliers out there who are using fax machines to send their hand-written estimates. However, there’s a new generation of industry professionals who are prepared to make innovation their top priority.

One brand that’s out on a mission to challenge the norm in gardening and landscaping is Enliven Planters. Founded by Paul Kawoczka and Dan Nichols, Enliven Planters operates as a subscription-based service that’s similar to Hello Fresh or Blue Apron. But instead of delivering food, the brand is delivering seasonal planters at an affordable price.

Kawoczka and Nichols recognized that the timing was right to launch their concept because of shifting consumer preferences. Instead of going it alone, more people are looking for professional help to turn their gardens into outdoor living spaces.

“It used to be that gardening was a ‘do it yourself’ activity. But recently, there’s been a shift among consumers to a ‘do it for me’ mentality,” said Kawoczka. “More and more people across the country are turning to the professionals for help when it comes to gardening and landscaping, which has really helped the outdoor living trend take off. There’s more room for innovation now than there has been in the past, which makes it a very exciting time to be a player in this space.”

The outdoor living trend encompasses a wide variety of industries within the gardening and landscaping industries. Whether it’s the plants you decide to grow or the deck you decide to build off of your home, there are more ways than ever before to make your backyard an extension of your home’s interior. And with technology continuing to become more important for gardening and landscaping companies, the ways that the industry has traditionally been run is starting to head in a new direction.

“There’s no doubt that the biggest innovation shaping gardening and landscaping today is technology. From getting estimates out to clients to using Google Earth to determine the outdoor space that you have to work with, there are a lot of new ways to save time and money when you’re starting a new project,” said Kawoczka. “Social media is also changing the way that gardeners and landscapers run their businesses. By using your digital footprint to market your portfolio, the potential is there to reach record numbers of prospective clients.”

Technology isn’t just changing the way that industry professionals operate their businesses, it’s also allowing consumers to be more flexible with their outdoor living arrangements. That’s especially true from a financial standpoint—professional gardening and landscaping services are no longer limited to those with a significant amount of cash to spare. Instead, brands like Enliven Planters are making their services more accessible to consumers regardless of their financial limitations.

That ability to tap into more consumers is one of the biggest changes that the industries have experienced in decades. And as that trend continues to become more popular among new and innovative brands, experts are predicting that gardening and landscaping will become more common services across the country.

“The entire dynamic between gardeners, landscapers and their customers has shifted. They’re interacting through digital platforms, which has ultimately opened up the door for more consumers to tap into all that the industries have to offer. That level of access was completely unseen just five years ago,” Nichols said. “This is a great opportunity for brands in the gardening and landscaping space going forward. By creating a strong presence on social media and establishing a dialogue with potential customers, we now have the ability to make a name for ourselves and become a well-known brand, as opposed to simply being a name on the side of a truck. That’s why we’re anticipating that these industries will experience exponential growth as more people and brands begin to innovate in the months and years ahead.”