4 Ways to Deck Out Your Outdoor Living Space Through Landscaping and Design

Decking, gardens and outdoor rooms take an ordinary outdoor space to the next level.

Homeowners are continuously looking for ways to take advantage of their space by creating fun and functional rooms throughout the indoors and out. While in the past many have been concerned with interior home design, many consumers are now taking design styles and implementing them into their yards and outdoor spaces.

Here are four top ways to deck out your outdoor living space with landscaping or design:

Outdoor Rooms

Nowadays, an outdoor living space is so much more than just a backyard. Homeowners are getting creative and bringing the indoors out, and often they start with a beautiful deck to set the stage. Julia Fitzgerald, CMO at AZEK Building Products explains, “The deck is the foundation to the home’s outdoor extension.” Outdoor kitchens, dining areas, spaces built for conversation and fire pits have all become the norm within an outdoor room.

Maureen Taylor of Taylor Made Landscape Design explains how you can transform your space simply with plants. “With shrubbery or a garden area, you can create a secret garden sanctuary or an enclosed area. Plants can also lead you to a secret garden or a clear path of grass can end with two chairs or a hammock.”

No Ordinary Decks

Depending on where you are located geographically may also determine the deck trend your outdoor living space will take on. Rooftop decks are great for city dwellers seeking to take advantage of the space they do have without a yard. Fitzgerald explains, “Rooftop decks present an extra set of challenges – the decking needs to be light weight, able to withstand harsh sun and the elements and still look good, and is frequently required to have a class-A flame spread rating. For those reasons, we see AZEK capped polymer decking specked for beautiful roof decks.”

Those in the Pacific Northwest are seeing another trend due to the heavy rainfall. Decks with pergolas or overhead structures will allow homeowners to enjoy their space without getting wet. People are looking for shelter where they can still cook or enjoy their space even in the rain. It does add a lot to the budget but people are spending more time at home instead of going somewhere else, and they don’t mind putting more investment in the property if they are going to get an 80% return on their investment,” said Jason Russell, of Dr. Decks LLC in Tacoma, Washington.

New Colors

As more colors and decking material options become available to consumers, the more homeowners stray away from the typical brown, wood deck. Fitzgerald explains, “While decks used to be multi shades of brown, we now see gray tones gaining in popularity. We also see the trend of adding contrasting colors for boarders on a deck – so the living space is framed out almost like an area rug. The trend of moving premium indoor flooring looks to the outside “room” is definitely here to stay.”

Cutting Gardens

Want to enjoy the flowers you plant indoors and out? Then you’re looking for a cutting garden. Taylor identified this type of garden as one to look out for. “People want plants that they can cut for just a few hours every day.” You will also be able to create your own bouquets without depleting your entire garden in your yard.

While you’ll want to wait until any construction is completed before you start to work on the landscaping, you will want to give your yard plenty of time to grow and develop. Taylor explains, “The sooner you do it, the better. Plants can take up to three years to fully mature.”