Architectural Digest: The Best Cities for Recent Graduates

A new study from Tulia ranks the best places for young professionals to launch their careers based on affordability and opportunity.

The job market isn’t the only harsh reality that graduates have to face when they leave college behind and enter the real world. They also have to find a place to live that they can afford on their entry-level salary.

A recent article in Architectural Digest highlights a study from real estate website Trulia that lists the best cities for recent U.S. grads to live in. The cities are ranked by affordability and available job opportunities, and the results aren’t easily expected. Jed Kolko, Indeed’s chief economist and Ralph McLaughlin, Trulia’s chief economist, wrote a statement saying, “The bad news is that the local markets with the most opportunities for young people are among the least affordable.”

Graduates looking for job-friendly cities should look for opportunities in San Jose, California; San Francisco, California; Seattle, Washington; Boston, Massachusetts and Bridgeport, Connecticut. The cities with the most reasonable rent, on the other hand, include Dayton, Ohio; Youngstown, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Akron, Ohio and Toledo, Ohio. But if you’re a recent grad looking to find the best of both worlds, Seattle, Washington; Baltimore, Maryland; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Detroit, Michigan and Dayton, Ohio are the best cities in which to launch your career.

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