Upgrades to Make to Your Home's Exterior During the Summer to Add the Most Value to Your House

Clough Construction owner Deanne Clough elaborates on recommended upgrades that will add to a home’s value before a sale.

One of the first questions a home buyer asks themselves when looking at a new home is, “Can I see myself living here?” He or she imagines if there is enough outdoor space for entertaining or where exactly they can enjoy a glass of wine on the back deck. Finding a home that is a natural fit for a desired lifestyle without having to sift through renderings or drawings of a remodel can really speed up the home buying and selling process, and ultimately help selling a home at full price.

While a full remodel is not necessarily realistic, ESTATENVY connected with Deanne Clough of Clough Construction, a leading outdoor construction company in California, to hear more about upgrades that homeowners can make to their home’s exterior that will add value to their home.

Similar to the interiors, start with the flooring. When a potential homebuyer walks to the exterior of a home and sees an old, faded and splintery deck, one thought comes to mind, “How much is this going to cost me?” To add value right off the bat, Clough recommends starting with the deck.

“If you are staining and painting your deck every two years, you are already spending too much money on maintenance,” said Clough. “Put money into replacing your deck with one that will last a lifetime. Look into brands like TimberTech that offer more than just a deck, but more so outdoor flooring with a sophisticated look.”

Similar to decking, fencing can either be an eyesore or a focal point within the home’s exterior.

“Make sure your fencing has beautiful design with continuity to the deck,” said Clough. “The fencing should bring together the colors and styles of the ‘outdoor room,’ acting as the walls of the space.”

Transitioning from the bigger upgrades like replacing decking and redesigned fencing, Clough elaborated on more upgrades that are feasible for the average homeowner to complete. Beautiful landscaping is something that is not necessary, but with the added pop of color and life that it brings to the outdoor space, it is highly recommended to add value to the home.

“I recommend planter boxes which are more affordable and allow the homeowner to switch out the plants with the change of seasons,” said Clough. “Be sure to choose flowers that have vibrant, healthy colors to bring diversity to the outdoor space. These items add ambiance and intimacy that will anchor your space.”

Clough recommends that homeowners build on this idea of different colors and patterns beyond just the landscaping. Different colors can be brought together with outdoor rugs, candles, or seat cushions.

“It all boils down to visualizing your outdoor space as an extension of your home, an outdoor room,” said Clough. “The best value you can add to your home is creating one central location that you or the potential homebuyer can picture the family eating, entertaining or enjoying their time. Create it in an inviting manner, something you are excited to escape work to come home and enjoy.”

The last piece of advice that Clough recommends is making sure that everything is easily maintainable. In the end, all of the upgrades will be added to the outdoors, which is an area where rain, snow, or wind can all be a big factor. The cost associated with your upgrades won’t pay off unless they’re able to last past the season. With outdoor carpets, easily washable cushions or a waterproof box to store everything in when the weather takes a turn, exterior upgrades are not only visibly pleasing, but also long lasting.

“The outdoor space is a great way to create a bridge between a home and nature. With furniture, carpet, or sophisticated decking, you are able to create a sense of home while you are out in nature,” said Clough. “While all of these can add to the value of your home, I also suggest that as a homeowner you take the time and energy to do the upgrades so you are able to enjoy your own outdoor space.”