Fire It Up: Five Grilling Tips to Be the Best on the Block

Experts Share Secrets to Improve Your Grilling Prowess in the Final Months of Summer

August is already on the horizon and the school bells aren’t far behind. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of outdoor dining before Labor Day comes and the temperatures start to dip. We scoured for the best advice and insight from grilling experts across the web to bring you some of the best nuggets to enhance your grilling experience this summer.

Your Butcher, Your Friend

Before you even fire up the grill, you have to pick up the supplies. The best supplies are going to lead to the best BBQ’s – so, it’s important to be selective with your choice in meats, especially when it comes to steak. World renowned grilling master, Bobby Flay, told The Food Network the best cuts of meat will come from visiting a butcher shop or getting meat directly from the butcher behind the counter at your local supermarket. He added that springing and spending a little extra on your steaks can go a long way, and when you’re examining a cut, pay attention to the marbling for the best flavor.

Use Diverse Marinades and Rubs to Amp Up the Flavor

Trying a variety of rubs and marinades can create a nice array of tastes for those attending your BBQ. Michael Lomonaco, a chef and the owner of New York City’s Porter House Bar and Grill, told Today that marinating chicken overnight is the best way to add flavor, but if you don’t have that much time, then a few hours is enough to give the chicken a flavorful kick.

Keep it Steady

According to the experts at Budweiser, it’s best to wait until you’re planning to remove your burgers to move them at all. Keeping them on the grill will lead to a better char on your meat. Bon Appétit senior food editor Dawn Perry offers that burgers should only be touched three times during the process: rotating it 180 degrees, flipping once, and then another rotation.

You Can Grill Salad

Even if meat is the main event of your BBQ, you can impress your guests by serving up a salad with grilled flavor. Award-winning author, journalist and TV host, Steven Raichlen, told Cooking Light that a variety of vegetables leads to the most vibrant salad – and don’t forget the avocado. Most people don’t think to grill the popular fruit, but it can be a pleasant surprise for those you’re serving.

Leave Room for Dessert

While savory flavors dominate most backyard barbecues, you can win a lot of points by adding in a little sweet to the menu. Bob Brazell, the chef and co-owner of St. Louis’s Byrd & Barrel, told Men’s Health that fruit off the grill can add a sweet treat to polish off a successful BBQ. Peaches make a particularly sweet and smoky base to add honey, syrups, cinnamon, nuts and more.