Rustic and Refined

The rustic design style can make a space contemporary and comfy with one look.

Creating a warm and inviting living space that is functional and aesthetically pleasing can be difficult to accomplish with many of the modern designs. Contemporary designs tend to focus on a stark white color, sleek lines and boxy pieces. However, for those that enjoy natural beauty and earthy tones, rustic design may be your style.

Ken Walter, President of Chicago interior design firm Gray and Walter, says that rustic design is more of a style that a trend.

“The style focuses on an interest in showing more materials that are raw or reclaimed,” Walter said.

Rustic design focuses primarily on natural or unrefined elements. These earthy tones and organic shapes evoke a sense of warmth and welcoming in those that step into the space, and the style can be adapted to be perfectly suited for city apartments or mountain cabins alike.

Rustic designs, with their organic patterns and distressed wood, evoke a feeling of nature and peace, making living spaces feel like an escape or retreat from everyday life. This style is not governed by a set of rules and can be mixed with many other trends and designs to create a fluid mixture of organic elements, industrial, chic and modern décor.

“People today are looking for a mix more than anything else. They are cautious and tend to be concerned with an interior going more one way than the other, so they mix and match styles so that they don’t get tired of it,” Walter explained.

He explained that some of the key features he incorporates when designing within the frame of the rustic style are a wood floor or a feature wall that’s done in an unfinished wood so that it has a rough hue.

“Another staple item could be a big firm table that could be raw, or pairing found objects that have a rural or country look on industrial pieces,” said Walter.

Another beneficial aspect of this style is the ability to incorporate vintage or refurbished pieces into a room. These pieces bring a unique personality and one of a kind feel to a space.

“They can get an accessory or accent that means something and then refurbish it so that it can be integrated with newer pieces,” explained Walter.

The rustic style is a classic look that has been around for decades, warming homes and making guests feel welcome and relaxed with their organic shapes and natural hues. The ability of the style to be combined with others makes it versatile and timeless.