How to Incorporate Jewel Tones Into Your Home

Interior designers explain why the trend never goes out of style.

A bold color has the power to completely transform any living space. Jewel tones offer a rich and luxurious touch—that’s why it’s no surprise that people can’t get enough! One part of this trendy color palette that is especially eye-catching is emerald green. This vibrant color is making waves in the design world and elevating home decor.

ESTATENVY spoke with Rae Duncan of Rae Duncan Interior Design to learn more about this design trend as it catches on in the industry.

We think the reason for it now is that people are tired of the gray decor that has been all the rage lately,” she said. “While that's still beautiful, jewel tones are a way to inject some color back into our homes and lives.”

This is not the first time Duncan has witnessed the rise of this particular trend, nor does she anticipate that it be the last time. “We think that when done right, jewel tones are an elegant, timeless choice for home decor. They are a fun way to inject some color and personality into your space. Therefore, we expect the ‘trend’ to stick around for a while.”

For those wary of embracing a bold color, she recommends starting with more subtle touches in the home. Accessories such as throw pillows allow for easily replaceable design elements that, while eye catching, are not overpowering. This allows the homeowner to ease into adopting the tone.

In creating a luxe living space, Duncan recommends utilizing black as a compliment, because it “grounds the vibrancy of the green and keeps it from overwhelming the room. In general, black is a great color to pair jewel tones with, as is white. When paired with white, jewel tones come across as modern.”

ESTATENVY also spoke with design expert Nora Schneider, who advised homeowners not to be afraid of color. For those unsure about incorporating bold tones into their homes, she recommended starting with small home accents like an emerald box for a bit of flair.

“I actually love color,” she said, explaining that one way that she likes to embrace jewel tones is by creating a layered monochromatic style. This can achieve an effect that is both dramatic and eye catching. “It’s fun to make a bold move.”

Schneider urges homeowners not to consider jewel tones a trend, but rather to recognize the classic appeal of the colors. “Trends can be expensive mistakes,” she said. “Jewel tones never really go out of style.”

She explains that though consumers may crave rich colors in the winter, the colors are far from seasonal. She is confident that the popularity of the tones will stick around for years to come.

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Photo courtesy of Rae Duncan
Interior Design.