Home Trends Worth Pursuing Right Now

...versus ones going out of style!

If you like to keep a fresh home, you have to make updates. Being trendy is not just about knowing the latest color or shape. It’s about being part of the larger conversation that’s happening outside your door and stating that you’re part of it. You listen. You add your own spin. You agree (or disagree!). Our job is to help you get there. We talked to real estate expert Izabela Sloma of Sotheby’s International to get her opinion of what’s hot - and what’s not - for home trends.

Accent colors in the kitchen. All white kitchens are on the way out. White is definitely still being used, but not quite as clinically as was seen in years prior. Instead of white countertops and white island, mixing up the colors in the kitchen is on trend for late 2017 and beyond.

Gold tones. “In vanities, we’re now bringing some gold tone to them. Knobs, faucets and plumbing fixtures have been all stainless steel for years. I’m not saying brass is back, but we’re seeing more and more gold tones to these same fixtures now,” said Sloma.

Smart sizing. “I don’t think people are going after large homes like they were,” said Sloma. “Millennials want to buy homes that are comfortable and fully equipped but not as large.” Sustainable living and low maintenance are concepts that are pushing this trend. It also may be a function of the tighter wallet many millennials have as a result of the student loan era, and now the added cost per square foot may have these same buyers thinking twice about how much debt they want to carry.

Gray. If you are thinking of investing in re-staining your floor, espresso is no longer the default; it’s a grayer tone. Lighter gray is also popping in in kitchen cabinetry. Espresso used to be a good color to get a home to sell, but from a maintenance point of view it’s very hard to take care of. A dying trend that homeowners can be glad to get rid of!

Bigger backsplash tiles. Subway tiles have been in the past few years, and now they’re getting in bigger - literally - in terms of size. What’s out is the glass tile in mosaic and brick patterns that seemed to be in every kitchen remodel five years ago.

Remember, your home is yours, and you do you. Today’s five trends will be tomorrow’s five outdated trends, and it’s important that your space reflects your authenticity. Enjoy the pursuit!