How Small Spaces Can Still Be Luxurious

By using lighting to your advantage and strategically working mirrors into your home’s décor, small spaces can look as luxurious as the largest homes on the market.

Interior design tips and tricks are often tailored toward bigger homes. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if you’re dealing with decorating a small space. Whether you’re living in a studio apartment or moving into a home that has a lot of unique spaces, you can still make your home look large and luxurious. To learn more about the best techniques in the book, ESTATENVY talked to two interior design experts.

When asked how to best make a small space seem luxurious, both designers immediately pointed to lighting. The amount of light in a space—both natural and artificial—has the potential to open up a room and make it look much larger than it is. That, in turn, can then add a level of luxury to a space that might have been missing before.

“One technique is to use elements that can make your space seem larger than it is. Lighter colors and airy drapery can go a long way—anything to add more light to the space will do the trick,” said Rae Duncan of Rae Duncan Interior Design.

By decorating with lighter colors and flowy materials, a small space will look less sharp. But those aren’t the only elements that attract light and make a space seem bigger—mirrors are another tool that can add a luxurious atmosphere to a small space when worked in properly.

“The first items I would want to decorate with would be bright lighting and a beautiful mirror. It’s important to make small spaces feel bigger, and adding light and mirrors are a great visual trick,” said Angela Scaletta, an interior designer with Dwell Candy.

Beyond using lighting tricks to your advantage to alter the appearance of your home, there are a few other tips that the experts recommend when making a small space seem more luxurious. HGTV recommends using different shades of the same color, especially when painting. While trims and ceilings are often left white during the painting process, that can have a major impact on smaller spaces. By painting your ceiling a slightly lighter shade than the wall color and painting the trim a slightly darker shade, a room will look larger. HGTV also recommends using coffee tables that can double as storage units to eliminate any unnecessary clutter from common areas. And for those willing to invest a little more in making their small space appear larger, getting a custom-cut rug can go a long way. The effect will make it look more like wall to wall carpet, and can be more beneficial than fitting in a carpet that’s either too big or too small.

But no matter how big your apartment is, there are plenty of ways to make it luxurious. That’s because at the end of the day, the basics of interior design apply to any space.

Duncan said, “Size really doesn’t matter when it comes to interior design. The same rules apply regardless of the space that you’re working with.”