5 Unique Luxury Upgrades That Are Becoming More Common Than You Think

ESTATENVY sat down with Leigh Marcus, of the Marcus Realty Team with @properties, to discuss the unique upgrades he has been seeing lately across the luxury real estate market

Recently, ESTATENVY talked to Leigh Marcus, of the Marcus Realty Team with @properties, to discuss luxury home upgrades. The following five are features he has been seeing more of lately in this market: 
  1. Wine tasting room. In the world of luxury, having a room to store wine is fairly common. What’s not as common is a room specific to the tasting of said wine. The accoutrements of tasting wine involve wine, of course, but also glasses, corking equipment, a spit bucket, and palate cleansers. The lighting in this room is important in order to be able to compare and contrast the wine. Where to store, serve and clean these accessories to the tasting need to be considered for ease of use and plenty of enjoyment!

  2. Basketball court. You may traditionally think of a basketball post and hoop in a suburban driveway, or a Sport Court upgrade outside. But what we’re talking about it a basketball court downstairs as part of the home’s interior. In the luxury real estate market, it’s not unheard of, especially for owners who are athletes...or ones that just really like basketball and want to build a court in their basement.

  3. Separate quarters for live in’s. Having a self-contained space for nannies, house managers and extended family is great because it allows for easier accessibility without compromising privacy. Some variants include a guest house over the garage, a coach house behind the main house, or a pool house that doubles as a guest house.The keys to being a self-contained unit are a separate entrance from the main house as well as a kitchen and washer/dryer.

  4. Executive boardroom. It’s like a home office, but better and has special finishes and features, look wood panel mahogany. When you walk in the room, it doesn’t look like any other room. It’s very upscale and has elements of a boardroom.

  5. Stairs just for show. They go somewhere, but they have special curves, interesting architectural details and are grand. These are the show ponies that connect the vast living spaces!