US Luxury Trends by Region

The Northeast, the Midwest, the South and the West. All have slightly different luxury housing demands. ESTATENVY explores these nuances and brings you the details.

The West

  1. Turnkey: In Western states like Nevada, turnkey properties are in demand. People don’t want to fix up houses unless they are professional investors. Sellers of homes should take the time to make sure sure the home they are selling is in good repair and consider the advantages of installing a new kitchen or remodeling bathrooms.

  2. All in One: Buyers in places like LA don’t want to leave their home because of the traffic and, well, the weather and the views at home may be amazing! Why go to the salon when you can build a salon in your home? Why go to a restaurant when you can have a restaurant quality kitchen in your home and have a chef prepare amazing food? For today’s luxury buyers, it’s about convenience and enjoying a beautiful all-inclusive home as much as time will permit.

The Northeast

  1. Easy technology. Home automation is on the rise here, with one place to control lighting, security, televisions, cameras and temperature. But ease of use is gaining popularity. As the Northeast is home of some of the busiest luxury home buyers, time spent learning to use and maintain this technology is ever more important. Technology should help homeowners and not be a focus point in their lives.

  2. Spec. In the Northeast, luxury spec homes are in demand. According to this Mansion Global interview:

...[T]hese spec homes are nothing like the modern boxes or McMansions of days’ past. Instead, they boast over-the-top features, like outdoor movie theaters, indoor basketball courts, turntable garage floors and waterslides that drop from the master bedroom into a pool, plus high-end finishes, like imported stone floors and custom carpentry, that demonstrate the developer’s great attention to detail.

The South

  1. Southern Gothic. Even when Southerners get wealthy, they still want to rock on their rocking chair sipping sweet tea on the porch. Only now, the porch is wider, fancier, the rocking chairs are upgraded, and the sweet tea might be sweetened with agave and fresh mint served by a chef. Homes that have this outdoor space along its exterior are at an all time high in popularity in the South.

  2. Room for flooding. The South is no stranger to rain, and homes on the water are in high demand but also come with high risk of flooding. In some of today’s homes, instead of focusing on strictly keeping water out, the houses plan for water coming in with doggy-door like features on either side of the house to let water flow in and out when it rises. In doing so, water pressure is alleviated and doesn’t rock the foundation of the house as much as it would otherwise. Similar forward-looking features include the installation of electrical on the main floor at the ceiling level instead of low to the ground. Lastly, the ground and baseboards are treated to be water friendly, protecting the high cost of investing in property close to the Southern coastline.

The Midwest

  1. Outdoor space. While the Midwest is colder than probably any other region, its residents love to profit from beautiful days and being outdoors. Luxury homes that provide space to enjoy being outside are in high demand. In cities like Chicago, its rooftop decks and outdoor kitchens take crowded landscape and make it fully functional. In the suburbs and more rural areas, its having luxury fireplaces outdoors with televisions and full outdoor living entertainment. Even houses with pools are considered rare and a luxury, given the maintenance needed and days of enjoyment are less than other regions may have.

  2.  Limestone. There’s siding, there’s brick, then there’s limestone. Midwestern luxury houses still can’t seem to run out of their love for limestone. Classic, elegant and versatile, limestone fronts with brick sides continue to dominate the luxury housing market.