How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays on a Budget

By relying on items that go with your home’s decor year-round, you can be festive without breaking the bank.

As much as we might not like to admit it, winter is right around the corner. But this also means that the holiday season is upon us! No matter what your favorite holiday is, everyone loves to get in the spirit by decorating their home. These decorations, however, tend to cost a ton, and if you only use them for part of the year, is it worth it to spend so much money? For many people, they want to find a way to decorate but also stay on budget.

One tip is to incorporate trending colors that also play into the holiday scheme. That way, when the holidays are over, the colors will still allow your home decor to match the latest trends.

“Blue and silver are coming back in a major way,” noted Kevin O’Gara, founder of Thou Swell. “The polished silver and icy blues will definitely be emphasized against the classic gold tones.”

Aside from colors, the types of fabric that are very stylish right now are also textures that are top interior design trends.

“Furs are always big during the holiday season, but higher-quality faux-furs have been growing in the marketplace,” said O’Gara.

If you don’t want to fork over the money for a nice fur blanket, try buying a few throw pillows to add to your couch. That way it won’t overpower your living space in the summer months while providing a more affordable option. Other textures—like velvets and floral patterns—are ways to incorporate high-fashion style that can be used year-round.

When actually decorating your home, there are a few unique ideas to keep things in budget while also glamorous.

“I love sourcing classic, simpler ornaments from stores like Target to mainly decorate a Christmas tree and then add a few more expensive, unique ornaments as accents on the tree for a more upscale look,” mentioned O’Gara. “Anthropologie has an amazing selection of one-of-a-kind ornaments!”

Another idea is to single out a few locations in your home to decorate, rather than the full house. O’Gara suggests the entryway and fireplace or mantel. The entryway is the first impression people will have of your home, so it’s a great place to decorate.

“A wreath on the door with a string of lights or a bowl of pretty ornaments on your entry table makes a great first impression” noted O’Gara. “It's a very Southern tradition, but decorating your mailbox with leftover leaves and tree branches, finished off with a big bow is a nice way to extend the decor into the yard!”

Decorating the fireplace or mantel is also a way to incorporate either traditional or more unexpected decorating options.

“I love a good garland (or you could use magnolia or preserved boxwood) with simple votive candles to pull together a room,” said O’Gara.

No matter how you decide to decorate your home this holiday season, find ways to always stick with your budget so you can enjoy the time with your friends and family without being stressed.