How to Enhance Your Outdoor Living During the Holiday Season

Ways to Maximize Your Outside Experience with Family and Friends

The weather outside can be frightful during the winter months, but when the temperatures allow, a nice cup of cocoa with family or friends on a chilly night can be an amazing experience. So, how best to maximize your outdoor living situation in preparation for the winter months ahead?

Fire It Up

Wrapping up in a blanket near a warm fire is the ultimate way to spend your outdoor time during the winter months. Terri Weinstein of Terri Weinstein Design, Inc., with offices in Chicago and Miami, suggests creating a nice ambiance by adding some smaller fire to your outdoor area.

“If you have a dozen crystal glasses and put votive candles in them, it becomes very festive and can add to your outdoor arrangement,” said Weinstein.

The temperatures don’t get as cold in Winter Park, Florida, where Noella Willis works as the residential designer for Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc., so there’s more flexibility in how to spend time outdoors during the holiday season.

“Outdoor fires are always going to be big. In Florida, where we are located, patio life is big – especially if you’re near the beach. Grilling outside and outdoor kitchens are huge here. We’ve actually had Christmas outside by candlelight.”

The Smells of the Season

The sights of the season are important, but both Weinstein and Willis suggest that creating wintery aromas can add to your outdoor experience.

“One of my favorite things to do for parties in the winter is to take oranges and stuff them with cloves, then put a pot of apple cider on the stove and add mulling spices. The entire house will have a divine fragrance that’s festive. Make sure to keep it open at the top and cook it slow and low. Then, you’ll have a sweet aroma inside that you can let follow you outside as you enjoy your warm cider outdoors,” said Weinstein.

“Greenery can add an incredible smell inside or outside the home,” said Willis “A good Douglas fir, inside or outside, can create a very seasonal atmosphere.”

Weinstein added that eucalyptus can create a great scent for your outdoor area.

Festive Flowers

Flowers aren’t just for spring and summer. Most flower shops will have a variety of bouquets and combinations both with a Christmassy or just seasonal feel.

“Beautiful floral arrangements with nuts or fruit and vegetable arrangements like baskets with pomegranate work well,” said Weinstein.

She added that accenting your floral arrangements outside with baskets of seasonal decorations can create a winning formula for entertaining outdoors during the season.