How to Maximize Space in Your Home After Setting Up Large Holiday Decorations

Christmas trees are known for taking up a significant amount of space. ESTATENVY breaks down how you can make your space work after setting up those bigger decorations that live in your home throughout the holiday season.

Incorporating holiday and seasonal décor into your home’s interior design isn’t as easy of a task as it may sound. For the majority of a year, it’s clear where every item goes—design elements have their usual home. However, those homes and be adjusted or change entirely depending on where large items—like a Christmas tree—are set up.

To learn how to maximize the space in your home after setting up those larger holiday decorations, ESTATENVY spoke with three interior design experts. Angela Scaletta, an interior designer with Dwell Candy, recommends beginning with the basics: moving furniture out of the way.

“To make the room feel less cluttered, you can move the accent seating in the living space to another room of the house, like the guest room. You can always pull the chairs back in when you’re entertaining,” said Scaletta.

If you don’t want to move furniture from one room to another, or if going back and forth with those bigger pieces isn’t an option, it’s also possible to simply shift things around. Leslie Newman Rhodes, the interior designer behind Space Interior Design, suggests shifting things so that the largest holiday decoration becomes a focal point when you’re considering the design from a visual angle.

“Usually, shuffling a few things in your room is all it takes to accommodate a holiday tree. Slide things a bit, but try to make sure your tree is a focal point when you enter the room, or a balance point to other large items like an oversized mantle,” said Newman Rhodes.

Julia Buckingham, the interior designer and author behind Buckingham Interiors + Design, also notes that in some cases, holiday decorations are thought of well in advance. When people are buying a home, they’ll often think of where they’ll set up their Christmas tree when the holiday season rolls around. But even if you don’t have a map of your holiday decorations lined up well in advance, where you put those bigger items ultimately comes down to personal preference. At the end of the day, you’re only going to be happy with your holiday interior design set up when it’s centered on the piece that brings you the most joy.

“What I think is interesting is that a lot of my clients—when I’m helping them shop for homes or building a home together with them—will take the position of a Christmas tree into position right off the bat. It’s something that’s very important, and it can be thought about prior to the placement of the majority of their furniture. It’s really quite charming,” said Buckingham. “Finding the perfect tree nook in your home is such an important decision. A lot of people will move furniture out of the way to make a space perfect for their holiday decorations. But it really just comes down to finding that nook, bay or space to make those larger decorations a highlight of your home’s décor for the entirety of the season.”