How to Make Your Home More Organized in the New Year

By focusing your efforts on the rooms that you use the most first, organizing your home will become an easier process.

Everyone has resolutions and things that they want to accomplish in the new calendar year. It’s the time of year where we all get somewhat of a fresh start on things.

Many people hope to tackle new projects around the house like renovating the kitchen or building an addition, but doing simple tasks like organizing the existing items in your home can also make a space look much better.

Since cleaning things up should be on every New Year’s resolution list, ESTATENVY caught up with Design Associate Amanda Barkley of Rae Duncan Interior Design in Chicago to discuss ways to make your home more organized in the new year.

ESTATENVY: What are some ways to make your home organized in the new year?

Amanda Barkley: Start by clearing your home of clutter. By clutter, we mean anything you don't love or use regularly and of course, just plain junk. Go room by room and go slow so that you don't get overwhelmed and give up. To keep your home organized, create systems to streamline everyday tasks—like putting away keys and sorting mail—and also be more ruthless about what you're bringing into your home.

EE: What areas should people be focusing on the most?

AB: Focus on the main living spaces first. The kitchen counter especially can become a catch-all for junk. If you keep the rooms you tend to spend the most time in clean and organized, those habits will likely carry over to other areas of the house.

EE: Why is it important to get organized around the new year?

AB: Decluttering and organizing gives you room to breathe in your own home, which should be your oasis from the outside world. In the absence of junk, you'll be able to think clearer and tackle the rest of your resolutions!