10 Trends We're Seeing in Smart Home Technology

Homes are becoming smarter by the minute.

Voice Control

Consumers are beginning to ask Alexa, Siri or Google for help with easy tasks. Whether it is changing the song or setting a timer, smart home devices will pick up on our voice commands to make home life much more productive. Companies like Amazon, Google and Apple are designing these voice-controlled products as companions blending with our daily lives.

Larger Touch Panels

Whether it is to change the channel of the TV or increasing the heat during a winter day, consumers will be seeing many touch panels being tailored to their homes. Obviously, there are many products on the market nowadays, but these touch panels will be growing and will camouflage themselves as any other home appliance or decoration.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Consumers are beginning to upgrade their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to smart air quality monitoring. Believe it or not, the air quality in our homes can be eight times worse inside our homes than outside, so making sure you and your family are breathing the purest air is very important. With these smart home upgrades, homeowners won’t have to deal with an annoying beep when the monitor is low on battery. Just like everything else, it will provide an alert on your smartphone or tablet.

Energy Savers

Saving energy means saving money. Many smart home appliances and devices are programmed to use as less energy as possible or know when to shut itself off. For example, many consumers are investing in smart thermostats. Yes, automatic thermostats have been around for years, but smart thermostats have a way to sense if a homeowner is present. Just like the air quality monitors mentioned above, these thermostats or other energy savers can be connected to via smartphone.

Easy IoT Connection

The Internet of Things is the interconnection of computing devices throughout everyday objects. The IoT allows these ‘typical’ devices to connect and enabling each to send data and analytics to the homeowner, and others. Many smart devices that have been mentioned previously connect to other devices throughout a home to make one’s life that much simpler. For example, consumers are beginning to find smart garbage cans and refrigerators than let one know when they are running out of a specific condiment. Consumers can take it to the next level and connect those devices to an Amazon account and have an automatic order replenish what is lacking.

Wireless Charging

Getting tired of the numerous cables and wires strung throughout a bedside desk or office? Many consumer devices are upgrading to wireless charging systems allowing for a dock or an HQ to supply charge when an item is placed on it. These pads can pose as decoration or have been built into furniture letting consumers go from cluttered to untraceable.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

The smart kitchen is extremely hot in the consumer space and has unending potential. From Wi-Fi-enabled slow cookers to smart coffee makers and even a plate that determines the number of calories on it, these appliances bring a homeowner’s end goal of, say, losing weight or mastering a recipe to the forefront.


Over the past few years, smart homes have featured quite a few robots. Most of these robots are used for cleaning purposes, but companies have designed smart pets for consumers who are allergic and look to increase home security.

Home Security

Home security systems are becoming bigger and better. Not only can a homeowner see inside when away, but new technology is utilizing the IoT and letting homeowners lock doors, turn on lights, and even feed pets while away. The Wi-Fi-enabled systems connect via smartphone for access as easy as opening an app.

Tunable Lighting

On the surface, tunable lighting systems save energy and money, but consumers are now investing in HCL (human-centric lighting) to provide a specific ambiance throughout the day. Smart home lights mimic a sunrise for a peaceful morning or are set to a consumer’s productivity levels. Additionally, the high-tech lighting systems can adjust hues ideal for activates from reading to entertaining.