Young Ones to Watch: Bethany Mitchell

The professional shares her career journey as well as advice for up-and-coming real estate agents.

Following her graduation from UNC Wilmington, Bethany Mitchell began her professional journey at Keller Williams Realty. She currently resides in South Charlotte where she helps connect individuals and families with their dream homes.

ESTATENVY spoke with Mitchell to discuss her experience in the industry and see what advice she had to share with up-and-comers pursuing their dreams.

What drew you to real estate?

Growing up, my mom and I would spend her days off work visiting open houses. Interior design magazines always grabbed my attention and I would study the floor plans in Southern Living magazine. While in college at UNC Wilmington, I saw a job posting for a sales and marketing position with a successful neighborhood developer. I immediately applied and started working with 12 builders and several real estate agents. Through my experience as their college intern, I fell in love with sales, design, architecture and everything else in the real estate world. It was only after I received my real estate license that I found out that both sets of grandparents had been realtors. I must have inherited their passion for real estate!

What changes in the industry currently excite you?

The growing accessibility of homeownership excites me. From a mortgage standpoint, there are a growing number of first time home buyers and down payment assistance options that are making homeownership easier to achieve. My friends and fellow 20-somethings no longer need a 20% down payment. There are 3% down payment loans, plus silent second mortgages that cover your entire down payment. The best part of my job is explaining these options to a friend who thought there was no way they could buy a home in their twenties.

How did you get to the place you are currently at in your career?

A lot of persistence! There’s a saying in my office that real estate isn’t easy, but it is simple. In just four years in this business, I think I’ve experienced my fair share of highs and lows, and the end game for me is to overcome it all and keep growing this business. My college experience and working with a developer when I was 20 certainly helped me get a taste for this career and each point after that was a stepping stone to grow my network. Persistence has been the key to it all.

How do you market yourself to stand out from the competition?

I have had success using social media to find new clients and keep up with old ones. Pinterest and Instagram have been helpful in attracting new clients and providing them with a snapshot of my career and how I can help them. My mission, and what is on the main page of my website, is that I believe buying or selling a home doesn't need to be complicated. I believe in simplicity, and it’s my goal to make the buying and selling process as simple as possible for my clients. I find that this is the biggest differentiator for me because when simplicity is the goal -- I’m suddenly returning texts and emails quickly, explaining every detail of the process in layman’s terms and making sure my clients are comfortable and confident with their decisions.

What advice do you have for up-and-comers?

I have a lot of advice! So much so that I even have a dedicated part of my website for those thinking of getting into real estate. First, I’d recommend talking to Realtors about what they do and how they do it. Second, I’d interview companies. I quickly learned that any real estate company will hire you because you make them money, so do your research and see which company will provide you with the most resources to make your business profitable. I chose Keller Williams Realty because they have the best training I’ve seen, and I’m confident in saying I would have quit real estate in my first year if it weren’t for their training and coaching. Real estate isn’t easy, but it is simple, and if you think it could be for you, I highly recommend going for it!