What should buyers do to be first in line for the home of their dreams?

A competitive market is causing home buyers to go the extra mile when hunting for new homes, here are a few tips from industry experts.

Homes are flying off the market. So it can sometimes be hard to catch the home of your dreams before it disappears. Especially when you live in a competitive market like Miami, New York, LA or Chicago.

When looking for your dream home in a competitive market it’s always important to stay alert and always know what’s going on in the neighborhood that you’re looking to buy in.

ESTATENVY spoke with a few realtors in competitive markets to see what strategies homebuyers should use in order to secure the home of their dreams.

Ask your agent about listings that aren’t listed yet

Your agent will have the most knowledge about what houses are about to hit the market in your neighborhood. It never hurts to ask if you can get a sneak peek at a property that they are working on that hasn’t gone “live” yet. “Don't wait to go on a showing,” advises realtor, Sarah Leonard, “Go as soon as you’re interested in a home. Come prepared, and have your agent bring a contract so if you like it you can move quickly. Sometimes it’s mere hours that can make a difference in an offer that is presented before yours.”

Get involved in your neighborhood to learn more about what owners may be selling soon

Sometimes you just have to give in and listen to your local neighborhood gossip. If you hear through the grapevine that an elderly couple down the street may be interested in moving out that could be a good lead to a new home on the market.

Hit up social media to see if the building or neighborhood has a social group or chat board

When in doubt, it’s always good to check social media. With a little bit of cyber-sleuthing, you can sometimes find a neighborhood chat board with people looking to move or subleasing. Sometimes, certain buildings can have their own social presence and you can message them to see if there are any opening that haven’t been listed yet.

Go out of the way to directly introduce yourself to the home seller

This is a tough one because it all depends on the personality of the seller. Sometimes, this gesture can be endearing if the seller has a deep connection with the home and they are interested in knowing who wants to live in it next. But, this could also go the opposite way and could come off a bit pushy if the seller isn’t comfortable with it.