Smart Kitchen Appliances You Didn’t Know You Needed

Before you remodel your kitchen, make sure to research features on the latest smart kitchen appliances that could save you a lot of time and headaches.

There was a time when all you cared about when it came to kitchen appliances was whether the appliance came in stainless steel or if it was a French Door refrigerator vs. a Side-by-Side. Now, as you start looking to replace your big-ticket items, you’d be well-served to see if the appliance is app-enabled or if it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

You may think that you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way as you remodel your kitchen or replace an appliance, but think about the last time you opened a printed atlas to figure out driving directions. For most of us, it’s probably been a very long time. It’s more likely that you used a digital GPS device or an app on your mobile phone to find your destination. When it comes to your kitchen, not equipping it with smart kitchen appliances can be likened to a printed atlas – it’ll get the job done, but may add gray hairs along the way.

Thanks to advances in appliance technology, you can make your kitchen look nice while also getting that extra help you need to tackle your busy schedule and to-do lists.

Why Do I Need That?

Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant Compatibility

Imagine you’re just getting home from the grocery store and before you can even set down the bags, your kids are asking for help with their homework and your dog runs into the room with mud on its feet. Wouldn’t it be nice to say a few words to get your oven preheated for that lasagna you just bought? With partnerships between appliance manufacturers, like Whirlpool, and the biggest names in technology, you’ll no longer have to prioritize preheating your oven over your loved ones (even your furry loved ones).

“By teaming up with Google and Amazon we’re providing families with a unique way to interact with their appliances to get chores done their way and on their time,” said Jennifer Tayebi, Whirlpool’s communications brand manager, in the brand’s announcement of its collaboration with Google and Amazon

Mobile App-Enabled

Imagine you’ve got that favorite family recipe in the oven, but your family wants to finish the last episode of the latest binge-worthy show before dinner. Wouldn’t it be nice to update the temperature of your oven from the comfort of your couch so that when you’re ready to eat your food is hot and ready instead of cold and soggy?

"Enabling users to keep any eye on what's happening in the kitchen while in the living room is just a tiny part of what the oven and app can do," said Brian Maynard, Jenn-Air marketing director, when the brand introduced its first connected wall oven. "(Jenn-Air) also incorporated diagnostics and a range of other highly intuitive functions that will encourage users to explore and control the oven's advanced features and performance right at the touch of their fingertips."

While technological advances will continue to revolutionize kitchens around the country, make sure you’re purchasing features that will help make your life easier and not because the brand or salesperson said you can’t live without it. The bells and whistles may help you look cool at your next dinner party, but the real value comes in their utility.