Little House Big Bang: Rustic Modern Tiny House in Portland, Oregon

Yep, you can stay here overnight!

The Rustic Modern Tiny House was built in October 2012, and it’s pretty much the stuff of anyone’s woodland fairytale dreams. Located in Portland, Oregon, the structure contains wood and leather and iron throughout the space, giving it a woodsy but also modern vibe. It is made of salvaged and reclaimed materials, although you can barely tell at first glance. Everything looks so fresh and clean.

The house was featured in the book “Microshelters: 59 Creative Cabins, Tiny Houses, Tree Houses, and Other Small Structures” by Derek Diedricksen, according to a New York Post article. It was built by Michael Papillo and Jenny Yee. It’s also listed on Airbnb, and the owners included some very thoughtful details about the space, especially in the “Before You Book” section.

It appears to be quite spacious for such a tiny home, made even more so by the many windows that let in plenty of light, plus actual stairs that lead up to a loft versus some kind of ladder. Indeed, it seems that anyone who has ever lived in exceptionally tight quarters might find this tiny home downright luxurious in comparison.

While any tiny home has space limitations, this house still manages to hold a variety of objects, both of storage and for decorative purposes. There are also several touches of greenery throughout, which add to that rustic theme. Even people who don’t like the whole tiny house idea can find some major decoration inspiration in this structure.

The kitchen alone is a goldmine of old treasures, and probably more spacious than, for example, many a New York City kitchen. The kitchen drawers are made of vintage fruit crates, and an old Mexican dresser was repurposed to be kitchen cabinets. There’s room for two barstools at the small kitchen counter, plus a decent amount of counter space.

Then there’s the bathroom. Located on the first level behind a charming yellow door, the bathroom contains a combined shower and tub, a sink that’s partially embedded within the wall, and a toilet underneath a window that opens and closes. The bathroom is almost entirely in white, which helps create a more spacious feel.

The main living area contains a long couch that converts into a bed, hence the Airbnb listing that states this facility can take up to three guests.

The stairs lead up to a loft that’s big enough to hold a queen-sized bed - and then some. The loft also contains a set of lockers and two small side tables.

A rustic, woodsy tiny home in Oregon’s largest city? It doesn’t get any cozier than this!