Small House, Big Bang: Live a Little Chatt Complex in Chattanooga, Tennessee

This property contains four tiny houses - all available for getaways.

Chattanooga, Tennessee may have all kinds of attractions, but visitors who decide to stay in one of the four tiny houses on the Live a Little Chatt complex may never want to venture far away.

There’s the Old Blue Chair house, the Alpha Tiny house, the Shangri-Little house and the Wandering Gypsy house. All of the houses are on the small side, which of course is the point, but they’re equipped with plenty of tricks to make them seem spacious, such as having lots of windows.

The houses are located on the western bluff of Lookout Mountain and all offer some seriously stunning views. These views include plenty of chances to observe local hang gliders in action. (The website notes that the complex is located next to a world-famous hang gliding site.) Residents of all four houses have access to a hot tub and a common campfire. Live a Little doesn’t allow pets, but this is part of their vision for a relaxing getaway.

The Old Blue Chair house can accommodate up to five guests. It has a very spacious-looking kitchen with blue cabinets and a good amount of counter space. There is a dining table, but it will only accommodate one person. A small staircase leads up to a bed that’s right under a low ceiling, and underneath that staircase is an adorable reading nook with a round window. On the opposite side of the structure is another bed that is accessible via ladder. The bathroom is directly beneath this particular bed, and its windows keep the space from feeling claustrophobic. The interior walls are white, which gives the whole space a very airy feel.

The Shangri-Little house can take up to three guests, and the interior is all light brown wood. The living area, kitchen and bathroom are lined up neatly, and stairs lead up to a loft with a bed. On that same bed level is a small door that allows access to the rooftop deck. (Yes, a rooftop deck!) This rooftop deck is, of course, in addition to a wide front porch. The kitchen has plenty of counter space and modern appliances, plus an elevated wine rack.

The Wandering Gypsy house also takes up to three guests. The interior is light brown wood with lots of red trimmings in the form of curtains and other home accessories. The bed is located on the second level, directly underneath a low ceiling. It seems like the smallest and tightest of the three houses, but the Airbnb reviews are quite positive.

The Alpha Tiny house seems to be the most spacious of all. It features a ladder that leads to a king-sized bed, for one, and the kitchen is huge, with plenty of storage space. Benches slide out to make more room for guests. Oh, and this particular house features a washer and dryer and a Jacuzzi tub. And the walls? Well, what walls? The walls are actually mostly glass, which allows for some very lovely outdoor views.

Give us a bottle of wine and a campfire - and maybe some smores - and we’d be set for life!