Kitchen Trends to Look For in 2019

ESTATENVY consulted kitchen design experts to learn what trends are poised to take off in the new year.

The evolution of kitchen design is reflected in how the room once reserved for chefs and cooks has transformed into the multifunctional nucleus of the household. To gain more insight into what to expect from trends over the next year, ESTATENVY asked a handful of designers their opinion on enduring staples, emerging forms and future features of kitchen design.

What’s been around forever

There are some functionally sound and perennially popular aspects of kitchen design that neither designers nor homeowners see the need to stop enlisting.

“White is ever-popular and doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon,” said Scott Dresner of Dresner Design. “It’s easy to live with and makes everything feel bigger,” he added. Jennifer Krol, a senior designer at Drury Design, made a similar observation, calling white kitchens ”timeless.”

Luci Major, owner of Maverick Living construction and design company, said she has always and will continue to design kitchens from a functional standpoint above all else. “Standing at the stove is an important position, so things should be easily accessible from there,” she noted. Dresner said he considers islands a “must-have” if space allows for one due to their added storage and uber functionality.

What’s emerging and here to stay

“Since 2015, things have lightened up tremendously,” Major said. Each designer mentioned the quick ascension of gray as a big player in current kitchen design schemes. “Gray is on-trend and has staying power,” Major said, adding, “It makes a visual impact but isn't as fleeting as pops of color that tend to fall in and out of style.”

Krol mentioned technology as a current trend she thinks will continue to develop. “Smart kitchens with touchless faucets and Amazon Alexa-enabled appliances are becoming increasingly more common,” she said.

What’s on the verge of breaking out

“We’re starting to see some bold accent colors are coming out in kitchen appliances,” Krol said. Major agreed. “Additional appliance colors are about to have a moment. New kitchens are gravitating toward the use of black stainless, which doesn’t need to be cleaned constantly and looks nice in white and grey kitchens,” she added.

The mixing of textures was another area of opportunity mentioned by designers as well-situated to grow in 2019. “Mixed textures like high gloss and natural wood, quartz counter options with a textured finish are appealing and interesting,” Krol said. “I personally look to incorporate large-format porcelain tiles as backsplashes and wall accents,” she said. “I loved mixed metals in a kitchen,” Major added. “You're not tied to any one type. You can use stainless steel appliances and still pull off gold and copper finishes on cabinet pulls and faucet hardware,” said Major.

“This year when we traveled to Milan for EuroCucina, the world’s largest kitchen show, we spotted a few design elements headed for an uptick in popularity, including kitchen bookcases and open shelving,” Dresner said. In alignment with Dresner’s observations at EuroCucina, Major also spoke to the allure of open shelving and kitchen furniture pieces.

“I often try to convince customers to create more space by ditching upper cabinets for nicer dishware that can be put on display,” Major said. “I also believe in the value of introducing bigger, freestanding furniture pieces into a kitchen to get creative in hiding everyday things. I’m trying to push incorporating furniture pieces in 2019 because they add style and warmth to such a pivotal place,” she said.