Watters International Realty Founder Maps Out Path To Real Estate Success in his First Book

Chris Watters shares the story of his personal real estate experience and how it led him to develop the unique business model that put Watters International Realty on the map.

Chris Watters is not only a wildly successful business owner and real estate guru; he’s an accomplished author, as well. Along with business partner Bradley Pounds, Watters penned a guide to success in the real estate industry entitled, “The Million Dollar Real Estate Team: How I Went from Zero to Earning $1 Million after Expenses in Three Years.” In the book, Watters tells the story of how he went from working as a solo agent to founding a successful business in Watters International Realty, providing a step-by-step model for others to do the same.

“My main motivation for writing a book was that there isn’t anything out there to help existing agents build a business,” Watters said. “Almost every real estate-specific book out there was published in the ‘70s ‘80s or ‘90s, making them all severely outdated. There hadn't been one published in quite literally 20 years, and with all of the industry changes related to the advent of technology, none are applicable anymore. We wanted to provide a roadmap for people to learn from our mistakes as well as successes.”

Watters explained the audience for “The Million Dollar Real Estate Team” are the agents out there who have produced well for themselves, but would rather coach and train a team as opposed to continuing to sell, those in a similar position as himself before founding Watters International.

“We went through what most people will go through as an agent trying to step out of production to build a team,” Watters said. “This is a road map to help them become business owners.”

Within its 212 pages is a step-by-step business plan with straightforward, manageable directions on which steps to take and in what order to establish a profitable real estate business with staying power in an ever-changing industry. “The Million Dollar Real Estate Team” lays out three distinct phases of growth that come with pivoting from being an agent to building a brokerage: the early climb, the awkward middling stage, and finally, the explosive growth stage.

“The book is framed with these three phases of growth in mind,” Watters explained. “In each phase, there are different levers agents must pull to get to the next level. These levers break down into seven key pillars that must be developed to build a sustainable business: technology, coaching and training, sales team development, back office transaction management, leadership and scaling, marketing and lead generation, and the brand’s ‘secret sauce’ -- the brand ambassador program. So, depending on the stage, specific levers must be pulled tactically in each to get to the next.”

Watters International stands out from competing brokerages because it implements a very specific model known as the team concept. Where traditional big box brokerages like RE/MAX use a model that prioritizes recruiting as many agents as possible without paying attention to the number of homes they sell, Watters International utilizes fewer agents but more support staff to maximize sales, a huge driver in the company’s quick rise to success.

“We achieve sales eight to 10 times higher than the average real estate agent with this support team in place,” Watters said. “Our team-based organizational model creates efficiencies and helps deliver better customer experience because it allows agents to focus on communication while people behind the scenes handle the other important stuff. We see a staff of 10 to 20 agents produce what 100 to 200 realtors at a standard big box model would without sacrificing the face time that's essential to the home buying and selling process.”

With results like these, it's no wonder Watters became the first team owner to earn $1 million in net income in three short years. His desire to improve the success rate of real estate agents through proven training and innovative consumer-facing programs led to the creation of “The Million Dollar Real Estate Team” and in turn, an incredible resource and benefit to real estate professionals everywhere.