Five Home Maintenance Projects to Do Each Year

From cleaning your vents to checking the outside of your home, there are a few simple tasks that need to be done annually to ensure your home is safe.

Whether you’re
new to home ownership or have just lost track of your maintenance to-do list, being
sure you are aware of how to keep your home happy and healthy is of the utmost

Imagine going over a year since your last dental cleaning or missing the tax deadline. Just like those occurrences, your home needs some TLC each year as well.

ESTATENVY spoke with Derik Newton, director of training for AdvantaClean, the country’s leading provider of light environmental services for commercial and residential properties, about the top five home maintenance projects that you should be sure to check off your list each year.

Clean dryer vents and any exhaust vents.

It’s important to clean off the covers of any vents inside of your home. That includes the bathroom exhausts, cooking exhausts and any filters, as well as vacuuming inside your fan box. Keeping build-up at bay will ensure that your systems are efficient and will cut down on any unfortunate events like fires.

Get your AC serviced.

This should actually happen twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall so that you’re prepared for the cooling and heating seasons. It’s also a good idea to have a contract with a reputable AC service and repair company in your local community who can provide that consistent care and also help remind you when you’re due for service.

Clean those Gutters.

You shouldn’t ever see leaves and debris hanging out of your gutters. So in order to keep them clean and in shape to handle the job they are intended to do, you need to make sure you clean them out.

“It’s best clean your gutters in the spring when there is more rain, and that allows you to remove anything that has accumulated during the fall and winter’” said Newton. “However, if you’re in a shaded area you should consider cleaning your gutters twice a year.”

Check out the exterior of your house.

It’s important to make it a point to walk the perimeter of your home once a year and look for anything suspicious, specifically for any drainage issues or evidence of water pooling up against the house. These types of issues could lead to water and termite damage. If you have a sump pump, which is more prevalent in the Northern climates, be sure to check that out as well and make sure it looks to be in working order.

Don’t forget your crawl space or basement.

Because homeowners don’t typically go into their crawlspaces or basements, it means that issues can arise there without knowing. Making a point to visit those inhabited areas once a year will keep any major issues that might be brewing at bay. Be sure to specifically look for any plumbing or mechanical issues.

“While is sounds cliché, ‘spring cleaning’ really is important,” added Newton. “These five important maintenance items can all be addressed in the spring, making it easy to remember. In addition to this checklist, deep cleaning your home makes a huge difference as well. Be sure to get behind appliances and furniture, and clear out your garages and basements.”

The biggest takeaway for all homeowners is being observant. If you forget about the details of your home it could lead to larger issues that could have been avoided. And, when something looks wrong, be sure to call in a professional to help mitigate any further damage.