Real Estate Leader Luis Iglesias Leverages Technology to Drive Luxury Sales to Elite Clientele

Iglesias, a 16-year industry veteran, is one of south Florida’s top-producing real estate brokers.

Luis Iglesias is the founder and principal broker of Miami Beach-based firm Iglesias Realty Group. In his 16 years working as a real estate broker, Iglesias has procured luxury properties for big names such as hip hop mogul Rick Ross, NFL athlete Antrel Rolle and actor Arturo Rossi.

Since beginning as a property appraiser and mortgage broker, Iglesias has grown his portfolio to feature an elite collection of clientele and ample luxury properties. Furthermore, Iglesias’ hand-picked team at the Iglesias Realty Group includes finance and marketing specialists to support clients through each stage of their purchase, sale or rental. Iglesias’ approach to real estate privileges technology and service to offer “an unparalleled turn-key real estate solution to buy, sell and rent premium luxury properties in South Florida.”

Iglesias told ESTATENVY how he got involved in the industry and what he’s learned so far.

EE: How did you first get involved with the real estate industry?

LI: I first became involved in the real estate industry back in 2003 as a property appraiser. Being a property appraiser gave me a firm grasp and understanding of how to properly assess home values, as well as learn more aspects and specifics relating to construction.

EE: What do you see as some challenges facing real estate in 2019, and what do you think are some opportunities?

LI: I would say the biggest challenge that is likely coming is a correction in the market. While all markets are affected differently, after how 2018 played out, I think we will see some pull back on prices, as well as a slowing down of overall activity in the market. In typical fashion, when the market slows down, we see a lot of agents stray from the industry and [not be] as active. So for those that remain, they should be able to capitalize on less competition.

EE: What do you wish you could change in real estate? Or, alternatively, something you’d love to see come to the forefront in the industry?

LI: I would like to see the process of actually becoming a licensed agent become more stringent and have more requirements imposed on those who want to enter the market. It is far too easy in far too many states to become licensed.

EE: What's the biggest change you've seen in the industry since you started out?

LI: That is an easy answer. TECHNOLOGY. We have come so far in regard to the implementation of real estate websites, mobile applications, video, photography, online advertising, etc. We are able to reach so many more potential clients now than we had ever dreamed of just 10 years ago.

EE: What excites you about the future of the industry?

LI: I am always looking forward to seeing what the newest and best technology is. It’s like unwrapping a shiny new toy on Christmas. We have evolved so much since I got involved in this industry 16 years ago. I can’t imagine what tools will be at our disposal by 2029.