Pantone Color Report Points to Pink Peacock

Pantone Color Report Points to Pink Peacock

The Pantone Color Institute released its Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report in September, highlighting the major colors seen during New York Fashion Week that will make an appearance in designer lines during the 2019 spring and summer seasons.

"From a psychological standpoint, when you look at what the colors mean, the hotter colors particularly in the red family are all about empowerment," Pantone Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman said, according to
a September 2018 Who What Wear report. "That's a word that has gotten some play that is really going to show itself in the spring collections. Confident, uplifting, joyful hues, but the undercurrent is empowerment to all of them."

One such hotter color was Pink Peacock, or Pantone 18-2045. Much like how this lively color would make for a great nail polish, it would also look good in the home.

“The tantalizingly theatrical Pink Peacock fans out to a feast for the eyes,” the Pantone report states.

While the term “Pink Peacock” is certainly gaining traction after the Pantone report, ideas for its use in home decor are harder to find. Google ideas for decorating with Pink Peacock and you’ll likely end up with a lot of peacock feather-related ideas. (And we’re not judging if you want to go in THAT particular direction!) But if it’s the color you’re after and not the bird, there are plenty of inspirational options in the magenta department.

Way back in 2014, House Beautiful suggested adding small magenta-colored items around the home, including salad spoons, an ottoman and coasters.

Oh, how times have changed! We’ve gone from blink-and-you-miss-it accessories to larger WHAM-now-THAT’S-magenta items. Such is the impact of vibrant colors.

Pinterest, that ever-flowing list of ideas, has many suggestions for incorporating magenta into the home in a way that will add a noticeable pop of color to the room without overwhelming the space. A quick browse yields ideas such as accent walls in bathrooms, magenta-based wall decor and, for the truly daring, magenta couches.

If you’re interested in even quirkier decorating ideas, Etsy offers plenty of options, including a magenta-accented dreamcatcher, a magenta light switch and magenta-colored dog art.

A March 2014 post in The Perennial Style had several magenta decorating ideas. (Think lots and lots of couches and chairs, for one.) The post also gave ideas as far as mixing magenta with other colors, including dark blue and gold, both of which give a deliciously luxurious vibe.

Wayfair offers plenty of magenta options, especially in the decor category, with magenta couch pillows, foam bath rugs and even a colander for pasta lovers.

For a very modern and fresh look, Roostery sells a lovely set of pink peacock-colored tea towels that will brighten up any kitchen. (The item page specifically mentions Fashion Week.)

So whether you go bold and fill your home with larger pink peacock/magenta items, like large furniture pieces and entire walls, or stick with the smaller items, like linens and pillows, there’s no doubt that your next round of visitors will give some major double-takes. (The good kind!)