This Dimensional, Dangling Treehouse Is the Getaway of Your Dreams

And as of May 2019, it’s on the market.

Treehouse architecture has always been a source of wonder and whimsy, but in recent years, treehouses have moved to the forefront of the cultural imagination thanks to shows like Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters or the DIY Network’s The Treehouse Guys. No longer exclusively the fodder of fairy tales, the treehouses of today are reaching new architectural, ahem, heights.

Case in point: The Pinecone Treehouse, designed by 02 Treehouse and suspended within the canopy of one of California’s magical Redwood forests.

Yes, that’s right. The Pinecone Treehouse is suspended 35 feet above the ground.

The vacation-ready structure takes its name from its pinecone shape and angular elements of a geodesic dome, which also echo the faceted ridges of a pinecone. According to Curbed, “The Pinecone was built to immerse its occupants in the beauty of the natural world.”

Floating in the dappled Redwood canopy of California’s Bonny Doon forest, The Pinecone promises spectacular views which are only enhanced by its 360-degree reinforced glass panels. In addition to pristine glass, the home boasts stainless steel and a California redwood frame that melds perfectly with the surrounding forest.

The Pinecone is reached after walking a forest path surrounded by rippling ferns and California’s living giants: the Redwoods. Because you’re just north of Big Sur, the air pulses with the scent of sun-drenched leaves and fragrant bark. Entering a clearing anchored by the gently swaying Pinecone, you next reach the interior by climbing a steep wooden ladder to a trap door (safety harnesses are available on-site). Part of the floor is transparent to enhance the sense of floating amongst the trees. The trapezoidal windows are built on a hinge—just pull inward and let the light in. The bathroom, which includes a composting toilet, hot shower and sink, is located at ground level in a mini treehouse structure and can be reached by catwalk.

The Pinecone has already garnered some exciting press; take a peek at the 2017 visit by the Vaga Brothers (we recommend starting at the 5:30 mark) or this feature spot on Living Big in a Tiny House, which describes the home as “a geometric masterpiece suspended like an otherworldly temple amongst the canopy.”

Make no mistake: this getaway is small, but the payoff is big. Guests call The Pinecone “magical” and rave “The view of the trees is unforgettable and the way the house sways gently in the wind is the most relaxing and comforting experience I’ve had.”

For vacationers looking to get “off the grid” and break the doldrums of routine, The Pinecone promises to deliver. Or you could rise to the challenge (pause for laughter) and make an offer.

The Pinecone Treehouse is available for rent on Airbnb for $350 a night, or for purchase starting at $150,000.