How To Throw A Super Fun Kids' Birthday Party

Make this birthday one your kid will never forget with these summer bash tips and tricks!

Now that the summer is rolling around, it’s time to start thinking about party planning for those June, July and August babies. The best part of a summer party is that you have an excuse to keep the kids outside and avoid ravaging the inside of your house.

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips to help throw the best outdoor party for that special birthday boy or girl!

Set Up a Theme

Finding the best theme is usually as easy as just asking the kids. If they are drawing a blank, a theme as simple as “pool party” could not only liven up the bash, but also provide a great blueprint for everything from food to yard layout.

For example, maybe you want to choose “baseball” as the theme? Set up a makeshift baseball diamond and serve classic stadium food like hot dogs or popcorn. Now there is a built-in activity in the baseball game AND a cute aesthetic tying everything together.

Games, Games, and More Games

There are hundreds of simple games you can set up in the backyard that will entertain the kids for hours. Think of all the classic party games you used to play as a kid. Remember relay races with a couple of eggs and spoons? Set up a scavenger hunt, giving the kids a list of items that have been hidden around the yard. Limbo! Bob for apples! Three-legged sack race! The list goes on and on!

Water Fun

Think of all the great water games you used to play as a kid, too. If it is a particularly hot day, grab a bucket and fill it up with water balloons, or set up the sprinkler and have the kids hop through it. If you purchase some squirt guns, you can be sure the kids will have a blast trying to soak each other! Even without a pool, it is good to have some fun water options to keep everyone cooled down.

Arts and Crafts Table

Another great activity for any party is a good ol’ arts and crafts table. Just grab any old coffee table or fold-out and cover it with some newspaper. Add some popsicle sticks, some finger paints, and let the kids go wild! Since it’ll be out in the yard, you don’t have to worry if it gets a little messy.

Bounce House

A bounce house can take your kid’s party to a whole new level. These have been growing in popularity as a safer alternative to trampolines, with many parents investing in their own personal bounce house to keep in storage. For most, these are a great weekend rental with an easy setup and a professional safety guarantee to ensure a larger than life play area for the kids to enjoy!

Buy or Make a Piñata

I mean, come on, what is a party without a little piñata action? Since you will be outside, it shouldn’t be too tough to secure the piñata far enough away from the house, giving the kids enough space to blindly wack away at the air without fear of damaging anything. Aside from purchasing one, there are also plenty of DIY tutorials on how to make one out of papier-mâché. This tried-and-true classic works so well because the kids know at some point the sweets will be falling down and they’ll be amped up on sugar.

Give Goody Bags

Gift bags are a great way to say thank you to all the guests. Try to pack them depending on the theme of the party and the age of the kids. It is a good idea to value quality over quantity in this case, though it certainly does not require breaking the bank. Let’s say you are throwing a superhero party. Some cool ideas include: capes, paper masks, inflatable swords—all of which can be found at any cheap party store. Besides, kids are more thrilled at the idea of receiving something than the actual item, right?

Have FUN

Finally, don’t take anything too seriously. Go with the flow. As long as everyone is safe and happy, don’t be scared to let plans change or roll with the suggestions of the kids. Usually, the best parts of outdoor birthday parties are the things you could never have accounted for anyway, so once all the planning is taken care of, sit back and enjoy all the smiles and the sunshine!