5 Moving Tips You Won't Get Anywhere Else

The experts at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® share their advice on how to systematize and streamline your summer move.

With July upon us and summer in full swing, there’s no better time—or worse one, depending on your perspective—to pack up your entire life and relocate. Leases are up, the housing market is in full bloom, and moving trucks are blocking the streets everywhere you turn.

If you happen to be one of many embarking on a move this summer, chances are you’re dreading it and don’t know where to start. But never fear—we here at ESTATENVY consulted the moving experts at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® to lay out some practical tips to aid in the moving process and make your life easier as a result.

Don’t mix rooms when packing

“Packing can be overwhelming,” said Michael Arrieta, Field Training and Development Manager for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. To mitigate the unease without procrastinating, make the process easier on yourself by not thinking too much and starting with what matters most.

“Start with the most essential items—clothes, utensils, toiletries, cleaning supplies and bedding—and work your way down to less essential items,” he said.

Chris Bortnichak, Training and Development Team Lead for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, agreed.

“We recommend you don’t mix rooms when packing boxes,” Bortnichak said. “This way, as you unpack, all of the items you need for that room are in the correct box. Plus, it’s important that you clearly label your boxes to ensure all of your items are placed in the correct room of your new home.”

It’s all in the box

While using recycled boxes from your local grocery store may seem like a practical option, the pros at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK advise against it.

“Although the free price tag might sound great, grocery store boxes are not sturdy and don’t stack properly,” Arrieta explained. “Moving boxes are typically triple-corrugated to withstand the weight of the items put in them. It is very important to make sure you have the right size box for the job—so purchase a variety of boxes and more than you think you will need.”

Fill all spaces between items

Once you’ve procured the proper boxes, the hard part starts. Both experts were emphatic in their advice: The heavier the item, the smaller the box.

“Packing canned goods into a large box, for example, will only add stress to your moving day,” Arrieta pointed out.

“A big ‘must’ when packing is to make sure you fill all voids in your boxes,” Bortnichak added. “There shouldn’t be any empty space where things can rattle around and shift. Crumbled packing paper is a great solution for solving this problem.”

Arrieta further suggested bubble wrap to make sure items are protected during transit. Again, be sure to label them properly to make the unloading process easier.

Unload strategically

“Unloading can be a daunting task, but it actually takes less time than loading the truck,” Bortnichak noted. With this in mind, the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK pros both recommended unloading all of your items straight into their designated rooms. If you listened to our earlier advice and labeled and filled each box by room while packing, this process will be made much easier.

And, since moving can be hectic, be sure to make safety a priority while unloading, too. “Always remember to keep walkways clear and fold pads as you unload—stacking them in a pile will help eliminate a trip hazard,” Bortnichak advised.

Invest in the professionals

If you’re more interested in saving your sweat and sanity for something—or anything else, really—it’s worth it to invest in the professionals if you have the means.

“Reputable movers are trained in techniques to properly protect and move your items from point A to point B with minimal risk,” Bortnichak said. “They also have the equipment necessary to properly care for your belongings, such as dollies, straps and heavy-duty moving pads.”

If you do decide to embark upon the effort by yourself, however, the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK team advised that you invest in moving pads from a local rental company. And for all (like this writer) who immediately thought to yourself that you’ve got a nice throw or two that should do the trick and this is unnecessary, they’re onto us: “Although household blankets may seem like an optimal option, chances are you won’t have enough to cover all of your items and they won’t be thick enough to really protect anything,” Bortnichak said. “Our trucks carry 60 to 80 pads per truck and we can use all of those on a typical move, so plan accordingly!”

With these expert tips in mind, even the most daunting of moves will become less stressful. Happy packing!